Deacon Nomination

What Is a Deacon?
An Answer from the Scriptures

For the office of deacon only those who meet all the Scriptural requirements contained in Acts 6: 3-8 and I Timothy 3: 8-13 shall be eligible.

– Honest Report (Acts 6:30)
– Full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3)
– Full of Wisdom ( Acts 6:3)
– Service (Servanthood/Leadership) (Acts 6: 2-3)
– Full of Faith (Acts 6:5)
– Grave (Vernerable or Honorable) (I Timothy 3: 8)
– Not Double-tongued (I Timothy 3:8)
– Not Given to Much Wine (I Timothy 3:8)
– Not Greedy for Filthy Lucre (I Timothy 3:9)
– Holding the Mystery of the Faith in a Pure Conscience (A man of conviction) (I Timothy 3:9)
– Proved (Tested, or the demonstration of there individual’s capacity) (I Timothy 3:10)
– Being Found Blameless (not perfect, but no charge of wrongdoing has been leveled against him, or could be brought) (I Timothy 3:10)
– Husband of One Wife, Administering His Children and His Own House Well (I Timothy 3:4)
– A Deacon’s wife must be grave, not a slanderer, sober, and faithful in all things. (I Timothy 3:11)


1. He must be twenty-one years of age.
2. He must be a member of this church.
3. He must be a tither.
4. He must support and promote the programs of the church and give evidence of such support through his regular attendance and participation in the programs of the church.
5. He must be fair and honest in his dealings with his fellow man.
6. He must abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages, profanity of vulgarity and not engage in any form of gambling.
7. He must be of a forgiving spirit and must always be willing to seek a Christian settlement of any difference with any other person.
8. He must, if married, not have been divorced.
9. If married, his wife must also meet the above qualifications.


1. Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers.
2. Caring for Church members and other persons in the community.
3. Leading the Church to engage in a fellowship of worship, witness, education, ministry and application.
4. Leading the Church in performing it’s ministries.

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Sep 27 2020


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