Report from the Pastor Search Committee

August 2016


The pastor search team would like to report on the progress of Minister Search, our search firm, regarding the search process.  This is a brief overview of the process of the search firm and progress made. The search committee has held initial interviews with a few candidates thus far.  This is considered the first step in the search and evaluation process.  After this step is completed, there is a debriefing with the search firm.  After a time of prayer and consideration, a determination is made regarding the next step for the candidate and us.

The work of identifying and initiating the screening process of a large number of candidates continues to be underway by the search firm even while the search committee is working through the first step of the process of interviewing candidates. These candidates are identified a number of different ways.  The search firm continues leveraging their vast database of candidates, taking the church profile and filtering candidates that may potentially become candidates for the search committee to review.


Minister Search has an extensive network of over 17,000 pastors all over the country.  This network is also a source of potential candidates that may be selected for the search committee to review.  In working with the network partners, the search firm has distributed the position of FBC senior pastor to many of these partners.  This provides great and extensive exposure of the position to many different pastors and churches.  Along these same lines of exposure, our position has been posted on job boards with which Minister Search has partnerships.


To date, Minister Search has taken 124 candidates and put them in process.  The screening and vetting process for each of these candidates remains active until a candidate is sent to us for review or is removed from our consideration by the firm for various reasons.  Approximately 86 candidates have been removed as not viable candidates and approximately 38 candidates are in process of being reviewed by the search firm.  Of these candidates, seven (7) are currently under review by search consultants at Minister Search.  As you see, there is a lot of work and steps that must be completed even before we are referred a candidate for an initial review.  Be assured that there is activity going on and work being completed regarding the identification of candidates.  The process initially includes a review of all potential candidates.  This review includes completed questionnaires, video of candidates, and candidates’ resumes’.

The search committee has a sincere appreciation for your prayer support and patience.  We know God remains in control and is working according to His timetable and not ours.  Please continue praying as we continue working and trusting God to bring our next senior pastor to FBC Brandon.

Pastor Search Committee

Pat Guest, Chair

Susan Lott

Jerry Fortenberry

Doug Floyd

Mason Franthom

John Emfinger

Kevin Hill

Frances Woodward

Cindy Sephton