Online Parenting Videos

Our children’s ministry is thrilled to partner with you by offering an online parenting class each month. We’ve taken the time to figure out REAL issues families are dealing with at the elementary age level and packaged some great resources in regard to those. Our hope is that these would help you on your parenting journey.  You’re voice of influence is the loudest in the life of your child, and we see this as a great way to be your biggest cheerleader.  We hope these videos will be of help to you each month.

February’s Topic: Talking with my child about bullying. Click to open video

March’s Topic: The Selfish Child: How do I handle my child wanting more? Click here for video

April’s Topic: What do I Do When My Child is Struggling at School? Click here for video

May’s Topic: Walking Your Child Through Fear: Click to view video

September’s Topic: My Child and Technology in the Home: Click here to view video

October’s Topic: Teaching Honor Through Discipline: Click here to open video

November’s Topic: Managing the Time Monster: Click here to view video

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