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Volunteer Information

Online Volunteer Registration is now closed. If you are a church member and would still like to volunteer, you may still register at Volunteer Central starting, Sunday, June 11th @ 5:30pm in Room 100 at the Boyce Thompson Campus.

Children’s Information

Online Registration is now closed. You may still register starting Sunday, June 11th at 5:30pm at FBC Brandon, 175 Boyce Thompson Dr.

Offered for preschoolers
ages 4 – K5.
Each night the classes rotate through Bible Study, Recreation time, Art activities, and Music as well as games and snack time. Lots of fun with age-appropriate activities.

Offered for children in
1st-5th grade.
Children have a time of Bible study and then a time with their specialized camp. Children pick which camp they want to attend. Some of the camps offered this year are Adventure Sports, Photography, Gaga Ball, Rodeo, Art, and Princess Camp as well as several others.

Offered for 6th graders.
Each night is full of Bible Study followed by different adventures designed just for tweens.