How should a church member give to the church?

Our giving should be regular and intentional. The biblical idea is not simply putting money in the plate as the mood strikes us or as it seems good for us to give.  Instead, we should think through our giving, plan for our giving, give regularly as a habit.  Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “On the first day of every week, each of you is to put something aside and store it up, as he may prosper …” (I Corinthians 16:2)


Our giving should be proportional. That same teaching shows us that we should give according to the way God has prospered us.  The best starting place for our giving should be the tithe, which is 10% of our gross income to the work of the Lord.

We encourage you to begin your commitment to regular and proportional giving.  One way to make that easy for you is to give online by setting up a regularly scheduled amount or charged to your debit card.

Online Giving 

Giving online is a simple and efficient way to give your tithes and offerings from the privacy of your home. PayPal allows you to choose to give a one-time or recurring gift, whether you have an account or not. Select the amount to give online to contribute your tithe or to the building fund.  It’s that simple!


Automated Giving 
Automated Giving is a convenient way to give your tithes and offerings. An automatic draft from your checking or savings account means you never have to worry about remembering to write your tithe and offering check, even if you are out of town. We currently offer drafting options on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Getting Started with the Automated Giving Process
There are 3 steps to signing up to give through Automated Giving.  It’s a simple and secure: all you’ll need are a few minutes to go through the process ….

1.  Download and complete the Authorization Form.

2.  Attach a voided check.
3.  Return the completed form to the church Business Office. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: How can funds be withdrawn directly from my account? Only with your authorization. No one can deduct money from your account automatically unless you specifically authorize it.

Q: Are electronic contributions risky? No. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check, and it can’t be lost, stolen, or destroyed in the mail. All Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) transactions are governed by strict national rules and guidelines. Over four billion EFT transactions are processed annually in the United States.

Q:When would automatic contributions be taken from my account? Funds will be taken from your account only on the date specified on your Automated Giving Authorization Form. We currently offer drafting options on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Q: If I don’t write checks, how do keep my checkbook balance straight? Your contribution is made on a pre-established date, so you can deduct it from your check record then.

Q: Can I give to other needs or special projects of the church? Yes, specify your desire to do so on the Authorization Form.

Q:What if I change banks or accounts or want to change the amount of my contribution? You can change your giving choices at any time by calling the church Business Office.

Q: Is there any charge to me from my bank? No. Electronic fund transfers carry no bank fees.

Q: How can I keep a record of the amount I have contributed? Your bank statement will include an itemized list of automatic gifts given from your account. The church will continue to provide you with a personal giving statement for your tax records.

Q:Who do I talk to if have more questions? Contact the church Business Office at 601-825-6737.



Attendees/Members can receive offering envelopes at home via mail on a monthly basis. Using these pre-printed envelopes (rather than generic ones) greatly helps church Business Office track contributions for end-of-year giving statements. Please order pre-printed by calling church Business Office at 601-825-6737.

NOTE: If you would prefer to make contributions online and would like to be removed from the contribution envelope mailing list, you may contact church Business Office at 601-825-6737.